You could say I have a passion for fitness..

  • 12 years of gymnastics
  • 6 years of weight training
  • 4 years of yoga
  • and now CrossFit..

I love it. I have certainly had my ups in downs (with all of the above), but fitness, in the biggest sense of the word, is my passion.

Fitness and Figure

I competed in my first fitness competitions in the fall of 2009 in both the Fitness and Figure divisions.


Four years later, September 2013, I competed again, but this time training  only using CrossFit.

Alyson Boyd Fitness NPC Heart of Texas

You can learn more about my experiences there on Nourished Fitness.


My latest love. And it’s serious. There’s something different about CrossFit. It’s almost like taking everything I love from gymnastics, weight-training, fitness competitions and yoga (yes, even yoga) and combined it into one. It’s the workouts, the community, the emphasis on performance and strength. It’s everything. I’ve been CrossFit since December 2012 and can’t do and learn enough!



With a background in gymnastics, fitness and weight training I original came to yoga for the physical benefits. Immediately I realized it was so much more, finding that my practice on the mat helped me find balance and contentment off the mat. I am passionate about embracing the physical practice as a way to open body and heart while calming the mind. My goal is to inspire and guide others to question their perceived limits, challenge their physical assumptions, and in doing so find their power and peace. 

Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts!