Getting Stronger

Posted on Dec 26, 2014 | 2 comments

2014 is coming to a close, and what a year it’s been. New home, new job, new gym (well sorta.. same awesome people).

Time for a little reflection as I work on setting my goals for 2015!

And the Rest Will Come

I love when you get fantastic advice when you least expect it.

Earlier this year, a friend said something. I doubt it was meant to be particularly profound at the moment, but perhaps it was just what I needed to hear at just the right time, because it stuck, and became something I referred back to and reminded myself of frequently this year. They said, “just focus on getting stronger and the rest will come.”

Our discussion was of course about CrossFit, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s funny (and damn fantastic) how what I learn in the gym, crosses over into everyday life. And this motto is no different. This year I became a stronger person. Physically, absolutely, but perhaps more importantly, mentally, and psychologically. This year had a lot of ups, downs and self doubt, both inside the gym and out. But hell, that’s life right?! It’s never going to be all sunny days, that’s just silly, and frankly boring. The challenges are what make the good.. well.. good! It’s what makes the victories (& PRs .. & new jobs) even sweeter. It’s what makes you thankful for the experience, and you get to say, ‘I got through that, and I’m stronger for it!’


This year gave me some fantastic opportunities to get stronger; from being disappointed in my performance in the gym, emotionally crushed (boys sure do suck sometimes.. haha), and bummed about professional opportunities that didn’t pan out. And I think you get extra ‘get stronger’ points when those things happen all at once! (damn it, that was a bad month.. haha).

I’m learning that when I get into ‘beat myself up’ mode, it’s usually because I’m focusing on all the wrong things. I think it’s only human to let ‘not good enough’ and ‘what’s the point’ thoughts creep in, but how fast can you (can I!) push those aside to focus on what matters? What’s the end goal? What am I doing to get me there? Is what I’m doing right now helping? Or is it taking me the other direction? Do I want it bad enough?

How fast can I get to a ‘yes’ on that last question? Because I pretty much always do, and the time in between is just a waste. Actually strike that. At this point in my life I’m thankful to be quite clear on what I want in all aspects of my life, what’s worth it, and what I need to do to get there. So simple enough. Is what I’m doing taking me in the right direction? Yes.. fantastic! No.. be stronger.. change it.

Sandlost Series - Alyson Boyd


I have no doubt that the people we surround ourselves with shapes who we are. I’m so honored to be surrounded by bad ass, positive, driven, motivating, inspiring people in every aspect of my life. I feel so incredibly lucky.

From the time I get up, from the time I go to bed. I start my day long before the sun comes up trying to get stronger and faster, next to people who want the same. I go to work and am surround by people who truly believe in what they’re doing and the mission of the company. Outside of the office I’m a part of a group of women who encourage one another to have the confidence to create exactly what they want professionally and know that they deserve it.  And of course I’m surrounded by friends and family who support my crazy hobbies and goals. Friends who don’t really care about CrossFit, but nonetheless ask me every time I see them “how was your workout today?” knowing full well I’m about to go over on a mini rant.

 No One is Stronger Alone

So hopefully I managed not to bore you with too much detail. 2014.. best yet. 2015.. no doubt, even better.

Thank you to everyone who continues to help make me stronger in all the ways. 


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