The 2014 Fittest Games

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This was certainly a weekend I’ll remember for a long time. I competed in my first individual CrossFit competition, The Fittest Games. Not an easy weekend to say the least, and even though I’ve competed quite a bit in my life (in other sports), I was incredibly surprised by the roller coaster of emotions the week leading up and weekend brought.

It went something like this..

  • Excited
  • Excited + anxious
  • Really Excited
  • Nervous
  • Doubtful
  • Really nervous, I’m going to be sick, why did I ever sign up for this?!
  • I can’t breathe
  • Ok, I’m good. That was awesome.
  • Gitty
  • Cold. Just cold.
  • Anxious
  • Frustrated
  • Pissed
  • Pumped
  • Numb.. literally. Like, can’t feel fingers and toes
  • Pleased
  • Disappointed
  • Resigned
  • Surprised
  • Motivated
  • Inspired

This photo captures it well ..


I definitely didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but I learned a TON, to put it lightly, had a great time, and fell even more in love with this sport and community.

On last week’s Barbell Shrugged, they mentioned this, and it really is what makes the sport of CrossFit so unique. The fact that 95% of the people watching at competitions do CrossFit, makes the atmosphere, energy, and support what it is. When you’re watching someone push their edge and struggle through a workout, you know how it feels. With that level of empathy comes something special; something I’ve never experienced in my other sports (fitness/figure and gymnastics) or attending any other sporting event.

I recently started training with a new group of people, and it was really nice to get to know them better this weekend. Many of them have been competing for years, and have gone to Regionals and the Games, so I feel so lucky to get to learn from them both in the gym on a daily basis, and in a competition setting. Others are more new to CrossFit comps, like me, so it was also great to go through this with them, compare experience, and lets be honest.. commiserate a bit.

Like with all sports, it doesn’t matter how good you are during practice if you can’t perform on gameday. How to handle pressure, nerves, the workload, warm-ups, warm-downs, disappointment, and even what questions to ask, and what details that need to be considered are things I’m learning from experience and those around me. I truly believe in surrounding yourself with the best to be your best, and I couldn’t feel more grateful to be surround by such a rich group of athletes and coaches.

After all, there’s really nothing like getting a good butt-kicking to motivated me even more!

My favorite moments:

1) Finishing the 1st WOD. This workout had 2 scores, the weight you moved and your time. I knew it was questionable to go with a heavier weight, and it ended up being the wrong choice. By the last round I needed to do just one more Clean to finish, but after 70 pull-ups it really wasn’t going well. It took me 5 tries before I made it. The picture of me above is during that workout.

2) Watching a CrossFit Central team, The Sharks, fight into the top 5 in the Team finals in order to make it to Finals part 2 and pull out a 4th place finish. Just awesome.

3) Seeing it all come together. Guess I haven’t actually mentioned that The Fittest Games is hosted by my box CrossFit Central, and therefore planned, organized and executed by a few of my coaches, teammates, and friends. Seeing all the hard work they put into this come together as it did, and how they overcame obstacles (I mean seriously.. snow?! In Austin?! wtf), was fantastic.

4) Getting to do my first individual competition on “home turf.”



Last event. The axle was a new sorta fun..


Next up.. The Open.

South Cetral


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