Quest vs. Perfect Foods Bars

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Comparing Quest's Peanut Butter Supreme bar to Perfect Foods Peanut Butter bar

Comparing Quest’s Peanut Butter Supreme bar to Perfect Foods Peanut Butter bar

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I listen to a lot of podcasts and spend way too much time on social media sites (so if I “like” your Facebook posts within seconds, I promise I’m not stalking you). Recently I’ve been hearing more and more about Perfect Food Bars (PFBs), and have been wanting to give them a try. As ya’ll know I’m a big lover of Quest bars, so naturally a comparison was in order.

Taste: Perfect Foods

Solely based on just the peanut butter flavor, Perfect Foods definitely takes it. The peanut buttery goodness is ridiculous! It’s a bit on the sweet side (honey), so if that’s not your thing then this bar might not be for you (but I don’t think there is anything too sweet for me).

My favorite Quest bar flavors are Cookie Dough and Raspberry White Chocolate, so I’ll need to do another taste test with PFB’s Carob Chip to confirm overall taste preference.. gosh darn 😉

Texture: Tie

Again, I’ve tried too many Quest bars to be 100% impartial. Some of the Quest bars can be a bit stiff, however they are amazing if kept in a warm place or zapped in the microwave for 15-20s  (my 2 favorite flavors don’t require this). The PB flavor is definitely one of them that needs a little warmth. The Peanut Butter PFB was exactly opposite. It was super soft and a bit oily. It would be messy to try to eat in the car.

Quest versus Perfect Foods Bar

PFB in the front, Quest in the back


Nutrition: Depends

This is where these bars really very. Are you looking for a higher calorie bar, with good fats, carbs and protein? Or are you looking for a high protein, low carb snack?


Depends if you have a protein source preference. Quest goes with Whey, PFBs are Rice and Whole Egg protein. 20g vs. 18g, so pretty close


PFBs add flax seed, sunflower seed, olive, pumpkin and oil in addition to peanut butter. Quest bars use peanut butter, peanuts and almonds. 17g in PFBs, to 10g in Quest. Love the variety of fats in the PFB and that likely gives them a bit more staying power.


PFBs have dried whole foods powders, and a lot of them at that! Quest bars have silly amounts of fiber in the form of isomalto-oligosaccharides (“natural prebiotic fibers derived from plant sources”).

PFBs sweetener of choice is honey, whereas Quest uses one or more of stevia, sucralose, erythritol and/or lo han guo (a fruit extract). I’m not going to go into the ‘what’s the best sweetener’ debate here, so suffice to stay you choose (see how I cheated there), but if paleo or ‘as whole as possible foods is your thing’, then PFBs win.

Even though the sugar from PFB comes from honey, 25g of carbs with 17g of those being from sugar isn’t as attractive to me as 2g sugar and 17g fiber.

Stats & Ingredients

The PB flavor is one of Quest’s highest calorie bars at 210 calories with others being as low as 160. PFB does have a Lite bar that comes in at 210 calories (Cranberry Crunch) and the rest are 305-310 calories.  There isn’t one better than the other based on overall calories, it really just depends on when you might be eating one and the amount (and density) level of calories you might need. For example, you might not go for a bunch of honey before bed but would be great for quick refueling after a good workout.

pb pfb

PB Quest Bar


Cost: Quest

Well it depends where you buy.  For the most part PFBs are more expensive unless you can find a good deal, then they’re about the same.

Perfect Foods:

Website: $19.50 + SH = 30.41 / 8 = $3.80

Whole Foods: $2.69 (Crazy that this is the cheapest, by far, right?!)

Amazon: $34.99 + SH = 36.98 / 8 = $4.62


Website: $29.94 / 12 = $2.50

Amazon: $24.00 to 28.45 depending on flavor (no extra shipping with Prime) / 12 = $2.37

GNC: $2.49

Convenience: Quest

This is a combination of where you can buy, how they are stored and portability. PFBss are actually kept in the refrigerator. They stay good at room temperature for 2 weeks, but as I mentioned above they are already really soft, so I can’t imagine what they’d be like if left in the car or a gym bag. As far as where you can buy, it seems Whole Foods is the best option for PFBs, whereas Quest bars are easy to order and well priced at many retail locations  in person and online (GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, etc).



Oh this is hard! I don’t want to cop out with an ‘it depends’ .. but it does!

Pre/Post-Workout or as a meal replacement (I eat six 200-400 “meals” a day so calorie-wise this is a meal for me but may not be for you.. adjust accordingly) = Perfect Foods Bar

Snack, sweet-tooth satisfier or last “meal” of the day: Quest .. especially if it’s the Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream or S’Mores flavors!

Just my opinion, but glad to have a couple fantastic options!


 Oh and one last category.. Marketing Slogans: Tie

You know I love a good motivational line.. and their’s are both good!

on a quest



Wow.. I really didn’t mean to write that much.. but it was kind of fun, and now I know the cheapest way to get both 🙂


What’s your favorite protein/meal replacement bar? 


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