Healthy Pumpkin Custard

After a hectic few months of travel I've been getting my eating back on track, so of course that means coming up with healthy treats to satisfy my ridiculous sweet tooth! I use to make something similar years ago when I was prepping for my first fitness competition. Was really happy with how this … Continue reading

A Part of Life

First off.. this isn't a sad post.. What makes me cry? Apparently country songs and Jerks. No, not like the mean person kind of jerk, but Jerk as in the Olympic weightlifting kind. Last time I posted I wrote about “being ok” with where I was at. It had been a tumultuous few months, but … Continue reading

Yoga, CrossFit and Being Ok

Last week I attended Facebook's Women's Leadership Day. It's deserving of a full post, but to summarize, it was phenomenal and inspiring. One of the things that struck and inspired me the most was the bravery the speakers displayed through their candidness and vulnerability. I have a whole lot … Continue reading